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          'Conscious Vs Consciousness is the written narrative from a speech I presented.          
          Conscious and Consciousness are two aspects of ourselves. We are aware we are conscious each day and have been nurtured and taught to be conscious in the society we live in. Consciousness is not taught in our society, but it is a vital part of our existence.          
        In early January 2018, 14 year old Amy Everett woke up to another day. Sometime during that day she committed suicide. She died because a group of conscious people in our society were not happy with their life. They decided to take their unhappiness to Amy, to make someone else feel unhappy, because they were unhappy... It's as simple as that....          
            Those people were conscious people in our society. We have two human basic aspects. We are conscious and we have consciousness.          
            Most people wake up each morning and move through their day as conscious people.  They know no other way because they have not been taught another way.  A conscious person involves themselves in our economic society. For our society to survive, as we know it today. Therefore people become addicted to being conscious....programmed.          
    This aspect however, is not aligned to our natural self. It is mechanistic and therefore stressful to our inner self. That is why people look for happiness - through pleasure. Because they feel something is wrong but cannot work out what it is. So they look for happiness through pleasure. The way they have been taught. To relieve the trauma of being conscious in our society; and in turn this keeps the economy going.          
      Another aspect of self is consciousness. Consciousness is within us. Without our consciousness we would die. As consciousness is our inner intelligence; our connection to life itself. Consciousness is always content as it has a belonging to natural life…..nature itself. If we live in the state of consciousness we never need to look for happiness through pleasure, because we are always content within our consciousness.          
Conscious is functioning from external stimuli and needs pleasure for relief. Consciousness is Self and is always content with a sense of belonging to our true Self.  
    In the middle of these two aspects of self, is unconscious. Unconscious is there because people do not know about consciousness. It is a halfway house of mental confusion where a conscious person reaches a brick wall. Three examples of unconscious, created from a conscious life are:
(1) Poker machines players over a period of time.
(2) People who medicate themselves with alcohol each day to forget being conscious.
(3) Stressed and anxious people, as they lose their ability to function mentally. Another definition for stress is madness.
            Conscious is taught by society, enabling our economic society to survive. Unconcious is a symptom of our conscious society, and also benefites our economic society.
Consciousness is our true self and always possesses a sense of contentment and belonging. To reach this state takes the empirical and academic knowledge of our consciousness.
To change to our consciousness state can only be achieved through changing our thinking, changing our life through empirical and academic knowledge about consciousness. It means overcoming the addiction, and programming, of being conscious.  The definition of an addiction is not being able to stop doing something.

I was listening to a group of people talking about life and its problems. They were discussing what changes are necessary to make our society better. They wanted change. After about 15 minutes they asked my thoughts on this.

I replied: “It's not going to work. You have to change the way you think and change the way you live for change to happen. You need to gain the empirical and academic knowledge of consciousness to start this change. If you don’t, change won’t happen. What remains is only hope.

When you leave here tonight and rise in the morning, you will start the day as a conscious person, programmed to move through the day as you already have done. Everything you said tonight will be forgotten."

Adding: “The definition of insanity is when a person keeps doing the same things over and over again and expects a different result.”
            One person then asked: “Ok, give us one good recent example where life would be different if thinking was changed, where if we knew this thing called consciousness, something wouldn't have happened.”
For a moment I thought about Amy Everett, as she would be alive today. But I decided on another good example.
  I said: “On boxing day 2017 a methadone addict entered a clinic and received his methadone supply. He then entered his car, drove 15 kilometres and killed a family of four.” They all went quiet...
            Adding: "But a good came out of this." They exclaimed: "How can you say a good came out of this. A family of four got killed!"          
              I then stood up, took a deep breath and said slightly louder:
"The methadone addict died."

When looking at your life there are major determinates that make you.  

Firstly, you are born a blueprint of your parents and ancestors; genetically and biologically. Study your parent’s blueprint and their parents, to gain an understanding of yourself. What mental and physical abnormalities can you detect? How do they behave? Are they stressed, reactive, loud or are they quiet and reserved? Are they like that because of their parents nurturing or lack of? Have they been kicked in life so much this has made them who they are today? These are important considerations for you to see yourself in the true light of who you are.
  Secondly, the first 5 years of your life determines your personality and behaviour. Your parents play a crucial role in your personal development. Was it loving and nurturing or fragmented and dysfunctional? You will shape from this, and the blueprint related to genetics and biologically.  
  Thirdly, in primary school you will be programmed to believe in what our society should be. What you see is what is and nothing more. That is, economic survival - education for a job, job for money, money to spend – to keep the economy operating.  No other alternative is offered.  
  Between the ages of 12-17 you will struggle for your independence of self, because of the programmed  trauma from parents,  school and society in general.  This is not aligned to natural self and becomes a struggle because of this. This struggle will be amplified within you by your genetics and biological blueprint.  All this becomes a personal trauma.  
  In the end you either give in to the system to survive and look for happiness within the system you live, directed by what society visualises before you, or suffer mental health problems, that carry you forward for the years to come. What choice have you got? No-one has explained an alternative have they? Nor explained your personal consciousness have they?  
  And the reason for this is: If they did explain your personal consciousness to you, the economy as we know it, would collapse.
 However, you would live a content life with a sense of belonging to something more profound than society can offer.
                  * Which is the life I live today *                  
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