"The Pure Level of Self is when You Touch an Energy Field Separate from Societies Influences" (>)            
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You are also restricting your creativity by considering this, by not using the prefrontal cortex of your brain, which when activated, formulates conscious awareness, develops creativity and invention and progresses you through life. It is also an indication you are only using your left brain rather than your right.  Using your right brain would expand your knowledge and creativity, rather than operating on left brain past programming. All this takes weeks, months and years.
.....If you want to progress, think outside the square and develop your own awareness....I did.....

Ezyrider is an Australian registered identity located in Australia. A life’s experiences in alternative transcendental thoughts, incorporating holistic approaches to mind and body well-being with alternative forms of mind progression, has enabled captured moments in various endeavours,  to facilitate different avenues of natural, perceptive and esoteric narrative communication with pictures.  "Life formulates around opening doorways of possibilities - when you venture outside the square".

Society Awareness - Articles and stories promoting more awareness in subject matters that influence perspectivity with personal and social balance.
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