Mitch Ezyrider....S.t.o.p.a.n.d.T.h.i.n.k.
        Mitch is a Creator & Author of articles with pictures. Some articles depict the esoteric aspects of life, whilst others depict varying holistic views within a life.
The Ezyrider home page shows all these characteristics of life, and other varying different aspects of Mitch's holistic life. Pages are added as creation develops.

Within his esoteric dimension, he creates graphics with the written narrative, projecting a society with complex issues and an external superficiality which hides the inner depth and truth. Where, when found, inner truth will give peace and tranquility to ourselves. The object is to open up societies judgements for viewing, considerations and reflection. We must not hide. We must open the truth and consider another dimension for self peace and harmony.

His articles attempt to show this vision of another peaceful existence rather than external materialistic societal mechanism that is dis-empowering to self, through a need to gain peace externally, rather than find it within ourselves - which is empowering. This varying subject matter is influenced within his articles. He continues to develop more articles for the future.
It has taken him years of self and society observations to reach this stage of life, reaching a contentment of knowing, that can be ineffable to describe.
The purpose of life is to find a meaning within the depth of self and this cannot be found through external materialism, nor our societal economic constructs, nor mechanistic communication - known to Mitch as pseudo-realism. Our aim in life is to find belonging - to self and congruently with others.

One journey that brought together his whole life, linking the transcendental self with realities, was writing his story about growing up as a young fella in country NSW - a life of freedom with nature. As the introduction of this story shows; the importance of our life as a child brings together our whole life, reaching more understanding about self. Giving ourselves meaning and perceptual depth.
He is therefore: "An Advocate for Spiritual & Psychosomatic Homeostasis developing Self Actualizing to find Self."
His Philosophy: "Opening Doorways of Possibilities when you Venture Outside the Square."
        "The pure level of self is when you touch an energy field separate from society's influences."


"Touch is part of an energy field of inclusiveness. Without touching the energy field, pleasure is superficial."

          * I am interested in meeting people who have been affected negatively (psychologically) by life's complexities - childhood to present. The broad based cause is anxiety, whether it be implicitally subtle or explicitally conscious.
* I'm particularly interested in Dissociative Identities and how you divide or integrate them within societal life.
* If you would like to communicate this knowledge please contact me with your interest to meet and communicate. The initial communicative contact would be for one hour at either of two locations: Batemans Bay or Sydney.
              Email address is:              
Esoteric: Intended for or likely to be understood by only a small number of people with a particular interest in this relatively unknown aspect of life. Intended for people who have a desire to s.t.o.p.a.n.d.t.h.i.n.k. and question what is seen is not necessarily what is.
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