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      "The Development of the Character of Emotion" is the written narrative from a speech I presented.        
        As a child we become responsive to the emotional dyslexia of others, and those close to us. Unless we understand we can grow to be ourselves we become emotionally aligned to the emotion of others. To be ourselves we need to gain the knowledge of how to be ourselves, and free from the emotional dyslexia of others.          
    Jake is a child in uterus in 2017. He is part of a list of ancestors; all who participated in life via their emotions. Emotions are powerful and circulate through our bodies as molecules - a chemical compound that takes part within a chemical reaction – resulting in our emotional responses to life. Unless we know about emotions and how they are formulated, we grow with emotions and they rule our lives, if we don’t know how to understand them          
        For 9 months in uterus Jake listens to his mother’s emotional anxiety and stress. Casual work, lack of money, alcohol, medication. Jake is feeling what life is like out there…emotional turmoil.            
Jake is growing with his ancestor emotions, and, his parents emotions. Jake’s parents had pleasurable sex through an emotional response related to a primitive brain function. They were irresponsible and selfish, and showed no consideration or responsibility to Jake’s future......They thought of themselves only.
        Jake is born.. and realistically experiences his mother’s emotional turmoil about life. His father enters his life on occasions. Himself emotionally damaged by life. Jake grows with this fragmentation and it becomes part of Jakes inner self through the process of emotional molecules circulating in his body.            
      In 2022 Jake enters the school system. He meets a friend with parents who are also emotional dysfunctional about life. Their emotions ruling their lives because they do not know any other way.            
        During the next 11 years Jake is taught by the school system that the only way in life is education because education will give Jake a job, a future, to buy what he wants and it will make him happy in life.            
      In 2033 at 16 years of age he realises it is all a lie! He can’t get a job to buy the things he wants that he has been told will make him happy. Jake can only obtain casual or part time work. Jake is in emotional turmoil. He is suffering.            

Jake is sent to a therapist but the therapist is taught to help Jake fit in with the society he doesn’t relate to. His emotional turmoil is so great he contemplates suicide. He also consumes himself in risky behaviour. Alcohol, drugs, sex and more. He disappears in the world of TV and entertainment. He desperately is looking for relief and answers. He can’t find any….

          Jake finally decides to give in to the system he can’t relate to because he does not know any other way.              

If only Jake was told his parents were irresponsible and selfish and emotionally reacted from a primitive brain function...Jake would understand more about life….and have control over it. 

If only Jake was told emotions are powerful and stored, programmed, in a part of the brain which affects his body also…he would understand about life and have more control over it.  

If only Jake was told he had a frontal lobe. Where with focus and intent he could stop all this turmoil. Jake wasn’t told this.
          If only Jake was told his brain could change his emotional responses through the frontal lobe, towards coherent thinking and clarity about life….that his brain has plasticity and can modify his complete self with change. He could then be a different person. Jake wasn’t told this.            

If only Jake had this knowledge, he could create another person. He could have grown up to be another person….free from his emotional turmoil….because he would understand… He would have the knowledge and have control over himself….and his life….free from his emotional responses. But Jake didn’t have that life…

He went through life always feeling an emotional loss.…a sense of something was missing…and he didn’t know why.
      In 2092 at 75 years of age he lies in a hospital bed. A nurse is holding his hand. He is dying. He moves his head to the left and looks at the nurse and says: “What is life all about nurse?” She ponders for a moment and says: “It’s all about knowing what’s inside and not what we see outside.” He looks at her for a moment, moves his head, looks up at the ceiling, closes his eyes….and dies.            
      Society produces children without any concern about the mental welfare of the child. When a child reaches adolescence they struggle. As a parent we have an obligation to seek the answers about how we operate as a human before we produce a child from pure selfishness. Societal structures are predominantly for economic viability and not mental stability.            
The questions to ask are: "Why are we nurtured by people who do not know about their inner self?
      Don’t you think it would be beneficial to teach our children about themselves, rather than teach them to fit in with a system that operates on money and success?            
This is one of the problems why society participants have a sense of loss or unknowing. Always chasing a life that focusses on monetary success. Competing, striving, searching for an unobtainable goal – mental peace.
      Success is achievable if we know how our body and mind operates. How psychosomatically they communicate. How we can monitor and know the functions to enable ourselves to be free of mental abnormalities. It is achievable. We all have the capabilities. We just need to know them.            
          “To know ourselves is to be free of emotional disturbances and allow ourselves to see life as an inner meaning rather than external superficiality.”            
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