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'A Paradigm Shift' is the written narrative from a speech I presented.

A paradigm shift is of an esoteric nature. A paradigm shift is moving from our social paradigm towards and into another personal reality.  In our society (our social paradigm) the majority of participants do not question the reality they live in. They unconsciously accept their life as a normal daily occurrence. The definition of a paradigm (or social paradigm) is an unconscious belief system of a culture. It is never brought into question, as it never occurs to anyone to bring it into question. People unconsciously accept this life and never consider there is an alternative, or as I say, another reality. My objective is to enlighten you with this subject matter.

Why is there a need for a new personal reality away from the social paradigm? Or a paradigm shift into another more profound reality? Is this necessary? And the answer is yes. As long as there are personal mental health abnormalities there is a need for another personal reality - away from the social paradigm.


The present society paradigm revolves around a mechanistic and materialistic life. A revolving treadmill of work, earn money and spend money. In-between those aspects are sleep, eat and a little time off. Individualistic survival. Success is determined by a monetary value, or money and power. Not inner harmony. 

This mechanistic life is not akin to our inner mental health; nor our inner self, consciousness - our energy field.  Nor our advanced intelligence. Our society unconsciously follows this present survival paradigm because they believe there is no alternative. The monetary society dictates our external existence and in turn distracts and dissociates us from our inner world of natural peace and harmony. Society participants continually struggle with an implicit inner world and the external mechanistic world - because it is unnatural.  


The social paradigm is operated predominantly through our primitive brain functions – survival. And not the more advanced frontal lobe, which when activated sufficiently, and effectively, is the catalyst for inner awareness, personal growth and inner harmony. 

Relief from survival is sought via monetary purchases, entertainment, success and power. All related to our pleasure zones. Yet there is still a feeling of implicit loss. This existing social paradigm is why everyone struggles at some time with mental health. This is why every family struggles with anxiety and stress.  

This is why children grow up with a lack of belonging, and want more, to fill the feeling of loss - a mental abyss. They fill this void with entertainment and purchases - an escape from their mental disturbances. 

If only they knew there is an alternative reality, a reality giving purpose and understanding to self.


The alternative reality – to know self – is esoteric.  One wrote that he would like to advocate and promote this new reality. But he would lose his job and livelihood. Many others feel the same. But why is this reality not promoted?  

Many years ago Jacque met the United States president and said “Mr President, we don’t have to live like this. There is a better way.”  “Yes, I know there is.” The president said. “But it would ruin the economy.”  Jacque replied: “But people are competing, struggling, stressed, anxious, and their health suffers. They resort to alcohol, medication, entertainment and materialism, to find some relief from this life.” “Yes, I agree.” The President said. “But you have to understand Jacque, we don’t want the majority of people healthy. Sick people are a growth industry, it employs a lot of people.  Materialism, entertainment, alcohol, medication are all great for the economy also. It keeps the economy moving ahead. We also want people to be distracted with entertainment so they don’t think there may be a better way. We want them to believe this is the only way to live…… because it keeps the economy moving ahead.” 

A few hundred years ago I would be burnt at the stake for questioning the current social paradigm.


So how can people find peace? How can we have a more content society?  

The first step is ourselves -  to find inner self, our divine intelligence, our soul. The part of us that is untouched from our unconscious daily existence. The part of us that has been buried and separated from us by daily survival. It's important we look for contentment away from the materialistic world, or external mental divisions. Divisions are subservience and disempowering within self. Our inner intelligence is the impetus for personal liberty and frees ourselves from the mental abnormalities directed towards us from the social paradigm. We have a natural inner empowerment and when touched forms a personal transcendental liberation - from social disfunctioning - leading to another more purposeful reality.


We are connected with nature.  Sit by yourself and listen to the birds, the sounds of nature, the wind dancing with leaves in the trees. Listen to your body rhythm, your inner body movements, the voices from within. Find your inner self and this will commence your journey towards your new personal reality - called an empowerment within self. 

Be even braver and take a chair and sit under a tree beside a fairway on a golf course. A fairway lined with trees. Watch and listen to the birds, watch the wind dance with the leaves in the trees. You may be approached by a golfer who will ask. “What are you doing?” And you will answer truthfully: “I am sitting with nature and watching the wind dance with the leaves.”  You may be reported, with the words: “There is an idiot sitting under a tree saying he is dancing with tree leaves.” And your asked to leave.

      At that moment you will know you have found something more profound in life, you have found yourself connected with nature and the universal life of personal sovereignty.  You have felt and experienced your divine intelligence;  your road to a new personal and self empowering reality.    
  Stress is defined as a response to survival. The ability to override stress in our society comes from the ability to know our inner empowering self - a more profound reality. Present social realities exist from continual reinforcement within ourselves and these reinforce emotions within our neurological and cellular structure. We become subservient to external influences.

This same type of thinking and response never changes our reality and never improves our life. We will always be the same. And by being the same we will always subject ourselves to reinforcing our insecurities.

Dismissing knowledge advocating a new personal reality is obedience to past programming and acceptance of the social doctrine.  A new inner reality transforms our abilities to understand externals. Without transforming our abilities to another reality we will aways be subjected to our past mental abnormalities. Inner awareness coupled with a new observatory reality enables us to cope with societies fragmentation and enter a personal world without external influences affecting our inner psyche.

Entering a new reality is a revelation in self and the impetus to discover your true self.
      However, to achieve this new personal reality takes the ability of knowing self, free from societal programming; together with questioning all previous beliefs and ideologies. One must be brave to step outside one's present life and question this life. If you struggle with aspects of your life; if you are looking for an external power to deliver your answers; if you are looking for others to provide relief; you are looking in the wrong places. As this journey is finding your self empowering inner intelligence, separate to external influences, and lost over time to external influences .... This journey, this new reality I have explained, is the requirement for self peace. This is your self-empowering inner self.  With this journey you find your inner intelligence, your divine self, which will progress you towards transcendental autonomy, peace and liberty.    
            The joy of connectivity with self can be profoundly increased with natural inclusiveness; an energy field of communicative sensuality and touch. Denial of innate desires suppresses natures self expression. Without inclusive sensual touch we fall short of our connection with transcendental self.            
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