"Unless we have amoral familism that also focusses on love-indoctrination to ameliorate living standards societies infliction with neurological absence seizure will persist allowing un-articulated analogies within current abstract realities."   

Amoral familism - Social action persistently oriented to the economic interests of the nuclear family. The term nuclear family is used to refer to a unit consisting of spouses and their dependent children.

Love Indoctrination - To instruct and teach, especially in fundamentals or rudiments of Love: nurturing, caring, supporting, embracing, communication, empathy, understanding via altruistic traits.

 Ameliorate - Make (something bad or unsatisfactory) better.

Neurological absence seizure - A brain dysfunction involving an impairment of consciousness. Incapable of seeing the evidence or dismissive of the evidence in front of them.

Un-articulated analogies -
Unable to express clearly a comparison.

Abstract realities - Existing in thought without seeing the physical existence.

Sentence synonym: "Unless our social family is economically protected and taught innate love/nurturing for their offspring through families and the education system, creating a better society and family unit, current absence from reality brain dysfunctions will persist, and continue to allow the inability to articulate current realities, which is more a thought rather than viewing objective evidence."
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