I personally like these type of designs as I feel it brings out our deep 'ancient' consciousness/awareness that we all should touch. To be in touch with our ancient past is to be in touch with yourself and meet the present on a different awareness level.

The designs were kept within a solid earthy atmosphere, 'timberish' and 'block/brick' type design, yet with clarity and richness that produces a quality of depth with age and distinction. The brick and mahogany colour gives an 'ancient' feel with a richness of 'today.'

Artwork is prepared for you before work commences. Each item is individually made;  there is no mass production. 

......."Isn't it better to be different.....Outside the Square"..... 


            These two designs above show different feels for the wording. 'Retreat' featuring an open picture while 'Spirits' show a celtic cross with the additional 'Garden' at the bottom to link with the celtic cross.
Personalsed: Size 650mm x 600mm $185.00
              The designs above and below,  show how it is possible to bring to 'life' a different life-area of your premises. A part of your life being transformed into more of your depth of life.  By also adding your picture it puts a different meaning into a 'place'.
Personalised: Size 650mm x 600mm $185.00
            There is something about 'The Abbey' that I like.  I feel it is the rustic timber board background with the depth in the picture and finished off at the bottom with a celtic design.  'Slim & Bron's' was designed with solid simplicity in mind. The scroll is an appropriate highlight with the sword and celtic knot design giving meaning to Slim & Bron's 'Cathedral'.
Personalised: Size 600mm x 650mm - $185.00
                    Copyright Mitch Ezyrider