The 1964 Manilla Flood was a major flood in January of that year and many homes were flooded - including our house in River Street. An estimated one third of Manilla's population was evacuated.  The flood waters rose quickly in the afternoon and our house had 8 feet of water through it;  Leaving many items ruined and a thick layer of mud in the house.
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                  Ken & Win Rogerson Story. Lived in River St. 1950s
          Top left picture shows how much water entered a lot of homes and the top right picture shows a large area under water.  Our house is arrowed and is located in River Street. Approximately 7-8 feet of water went through our home leaving mud inches deep in the house.          
            Across the road from our house was the Ridleys (above). Note the tree trunk poking out of the window on the right and if my memory is correct the main window had a much larger tree lodged here.              
              The photo on the left (I think) was taken from the bridge down stream while the photo on the right if taken from the bridge up stream. The water had gone down at this stage - notice the crushed willow trees along the bank from the water pressure.                
                The clean up begins after the water went down. The house on the left is at the end of River Street (I think). Notice the rubbish left behind in the photo on the right.                
                Photo on the left was taken from the bridge, with personal possessions laid out to dry after the flood. The aftermath photo on the right.                
                  Another photo just after the flood.                  
                Pictures that appeared in the paper after the flood. On the left is my mother cleaning up with Glenn Harley in the background. On the right a photo showing where the Beale's house used to be - washed away by the flood.                
                  Front page headlines of the Manilla Flood
Wednesday January 22nd 1964
              Scenes of flooding around the streets of Manilla - So much water.              
      Day after the flood.        
      Left - Unloading the truck day after the flood.  Right - Day after the flood.        
        Left - Bogged truck trying to leave the house.  Right - Looking west across Nth Manilla.          
                Our house circled at 87 River Street.                
          Thanks to Bob Pirie from Lambton NSW and Maurice Forwood for their flood photos to the collection.        
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