Personal divinity has been lost within a society entrenched with instant personal gratifications. Following a pattern of addictive self interests infinitely fed via a continuous supply of entertainment, the internet, social media, superficial television shows and materialism expectations. All disempowering personal intent and creativity; the catalyst towards expectations for more and reducing societal structures and desires for altruism. In turn reducing the giving capabilities to the person that needs your personal love at their later stages of life - your mother - before it's too late.        
          Stop, think, observe life & current paradigms. Step outside the personal unconscious & addictive bubble, and self empower to think of.... your mother....before her life fades away.
When was the last time you devoted any loving time to her?  This is a chance to give and contribute to someone who needs your love, so their final years are content with love. In turn reach your own personal divinity towards a new personal and more fulfilling life. Because your giving to someone who needs you.
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