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          While living in Elizabeth Bay, the relaxing atmosphere of Rushcutters Bay Park was always an attraction for me. Either for walking exercise, or just a place to feel free and connect with nature under a tree.
A number of people use this park area for lunch time exercise, while the weekends attract a variety of people for different activities or relaxation.
The park also caters for a variety of sports including cricket, rugby, soccer and tennis.
The park was originally established back in 1878, where 6 acres were reserved for recreation. There are also cafes, an exercise facility, a childrens playground and public toilets.
Dogs are permitted on a leash at all times, and unleashed between 4.30pm and 8.30am.
There are many shaded areas and seats for relaxing.
Enjoy your stay at Rushcutters Bay Park, stay for coffee and breakfast/lunch, relax under the trees, take in the view and most of all, enjoy your time with nature ... it is part of us.

Two area guide maps are at the bottom of this page.
 It shows walking directions from Kings Cross, an alternative route back, and an additional walk to the end of the Sir David Martin Reserve where you can view the Sydney Harbour Bridge in the background.

              As you enter the park at the bottom of the stairs there is a Rushcutters Bay Park information sign, with a path leading to different areas of the park.              
          On your right you will see the tennis courts where there is also a small cafe.            
            Behind the tennis courts and to the left is the Reg Bartley cricket oval.              
              On the left hand side of the pathway is a large grass and tree area with a view out towards Rushcutters Bay.              
            Different aspects of this area showing Rushcutters Bay and the grassed tree area.            
            As you continue along the path you approach a bridge towards the larger area of  Rushcutters Bay Park and looking to your right before the bridge is a bigger picture of the Reg Bartley Cricket Oval.            
          The picture on the left shows a pathway around the oval while the picture on the right shows the pathway over the bridge leading to the larger area of Rushcutters Bay Park.            
          Looking back over the bridge shows the units and apartments overlooking Rushcutters Bay.   On your left over the bridge is a view of Rushcutters Bay.            
          On the right over the bridge is a park exercise area.   And a path that leads around the outer portion of Rushcutters Bay Park.            
            This path is a cycle and walking path and leads you around and under the large trees that circle this area - including seating.            
            Continuing along the main pathway around Rushcutters Bay is a peaceful view with seating, grass and tree areas.              
            As you approach the tree area you have the opportunity to sit and look towards the Bay or the Park area.              
            Views of the trees, seating, pathway and Rushcutters Bay.              
              Another viewing aspect of this area of Rushcutters Bay Park.              
          Looking further back to this area.   On the opposite side of the park is a walkway, seating, trees and a Cafe.            
          Looking back towards the Cafe on the opposite side is a playground and toilets.   And behind the cafe is another oval.            
            Looking back towards Rushcutters Bay with the park, seating and trees in the foreground.            
            In this area are some very large historical trees as well as the homes along New Beach Road, where you can continue your walk beside the Sir David Martin Reserve.              
              Enjoy Rushcutters Bay Park - it provides a peaceful world with nature.                
              ...Two area maps with walking directions are below...
The first map shows the location of Fitzroy Gardens, walkway directions to Rushcutters Bay Park (in red), Cafe's at the park, and an alternative walk back to Kings Cross.
The second map shows the same plus an extended walk to the end of Sir David Martin Reserve.
                (B) Alternative walk back to KX.                
                (A) Extend your walk to the end of the Sir David Martin Reserve and see the Harbour Bridge in the background.                
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