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        The Myrtle Beach turnoff, on the highway, is located just 10 klms north of Batemans Bay, where Myrtle Beach is located just past South Durras in Murramarang National Park. I can recommend a stay at Murramarang Resort, which has excellent camping, caravan and cabin accommodation. Murramarang Resort and Camping is only 2 klms to Myrtle Beach.        
      Myrtle Beach is promoted by the Free Beach Assoc. of NSW as a traditional free beach where visitors enjoy the atmosphere of 'feeling free with nature' - nude. The beach is reasonably long, enabling you to choose your suitable location. As the photos depict, there are secluded areas also. The beach is not overly busy, even in the holiday times, which makes it an ideal place to escape from society.

'Traditionally Free' means it has not been officially designated as a nudist beach, yet, used by many as clothing optional. Couples and singles predominantly use this beach and there may be a family, on the odd occasion, that also enjoy this beach.  During the school holiday periods families do go to Myrtle Beach and some are unaware of its classification. So it is best on these occasions for you to go towards the southern area.

The beach is very private and secluded and there are no toilets or BBQ facilites at Myrtle Beach, yet isolated areas where you are able to relieve yourself. There is also a small cave on the northern end. Myrtle Beach is a large area, enabling you to choose an area suited to your personal psyche. This may be closer to the entrance or towards the southern area to the right, which is more private.

It is advised to take thongs, a shade tent, towel, water, hat, sun glasses and plenty of sun cream. The sand gets very hot in the summer to walk on, and the sun can be within an extreme temperature range.

If you really want to get-away from society and feel part of nature, I highly recommend a visit, to be part of the natural surroundings that this beach can offer.

Society life isolates us from 'nature' for social contact and becomes restrictive.
.... Life provides different paradigms and the nature way is not restrictive .....

The Murramarang resort, which has camping and cabin accommodation, is an ideal place to stay overnight close to Myrtle beach. Link below for pictures of Murramarang Resort & Camping.
"Enjoy your life - be part of nature - connect mind and body - be free"

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