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              If you would like to really feel the Kings Cross village atmosphere, then
 a visit to the Kings Cross Village Markets will be relaxing for you.
They are held each Saturday from 8am to 2pm.
(The Rotary Markets are held on Sunday from 9am)
There are a variety of stalls incorporating a diverse range of products: Fresh fruit and vegetables, jams, organic food, fashion, crepes, homewares, old treasures, nuts, turkish gozleme, bratwurst, freshly baked bread, gourmet produce, bacon and egg rolls, plants, jewellery, coffee, glass ware, pastries, flowers, paintings, crystal, books and more.
There is quite a range of freshly cooked food available to suit all tastes. This food is very popular and enjoyed by so many on the day. And a busker or two may entertain you with their own musical styles.

I lived in Kings Cross/Elizabeth Bay for a number of years and attending these markets was my way to capture a natural village atmosphere that is friendly and relaxing. At Fitzroy Gardens you can experience the natural freedom Kings Cross offers with their markets - A moment in time that invites you into their community, and will always be remembered as mine also. I continually return to feel those memories.

Direction maps are at the bottom of this page.
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        The markets are behind the El Alamein Fountain in Fitzroy Gardens - a  busy place on the weekend.          
              Choose from a variety of products located on the paved area of Fitzroy Gardens.              
              Seating is still available to relax and the feel is of a village atmosphere.            
              Many natural and organic products are available - set within peaceful surroundings.              
              Meet up with friends and the locals - enjoy natural fruit juices that refresh inner life.              
              Fresh organic produce and fresh bakery varieties available.              
                Stall holders are willing to talk about their products and there are many hot food varieties.              
              The El Alamein Fountain is close by - a soothing water flow touching inner peace.                
              The grassed areas are popular with the shaded areas popular on hot days.            
            Be prepared to share your time with the bird life, and pet dogs are frequently there also.          
              The bird life at Fitzroy Gardens Kings Cross.            
          Lay down and look up to view nature, living with the mechanical world in the background.     Looking towards where the KX strip starts, to the right of the picture.        
                  "The Bourbon" is now Closed for Re-Development
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              The Rotary Markets on Sunday provide a different range of products including clothing varieties.                
              Books and jewellery are amongst other items for sale.              
              Enjoy your lunch with the bird life or watch an artist at work.
All part of the relaxed atmosphere of Fitzroy Gardens Kings Cross on Market Days.

...Two area maps with walking directions are below...
The first map shows the location of Fitzroy Gardens, walkway directions to Rushcutters Bay Park (in red), Cafe's at the park, and an alternative walk back to Kings Cross.
The second map shows the same plus an extended walk to the end of Sir David Martin Reserve.

                  (B) Alternative walk back to KX.                
              (A) Extend your walk to the end of the Sir David Martin Reserve and see the Harbour Bridge in the background.            
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