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"Australia's Growth of Unaffordable Housing"

Social Unrest - "Relates to society and its organisations where normalcy is interfered with causing a state of disruption, dissatisfaction, disturbance and agitation."

Social unrest today is a hidden reality in Australia. We see people going about their daily activities and visually it does not indicate a troubled society. But inside, the majority of Australian’s struggle with everyday living and housing expenses. This decline cannot be ignored if future generations of Australian’s are to achieve a secure life with well-being.

During the 1950’s-1960’s and into the 1970’s many young Australians had the opportunity to purchase their own home and could see a secure future. There was virtually full time employment and well-being was an integral part of this society. Repayments were 25-30% of their wages and a house cost 3 times the average annual wage. This equates to a person on a salary of $60,000 today would have the choice of homes under $200,000.

Affordability is a myth today and this message must continually be re-enforced by all media and social outlets, to activate government reforms that will achieve change for the 12 million wage earner Australians that are an important contributor to Australia’s financial stability.

Today we have growing part-time employment, insecure full-time employment, excessive home affordability and a continued rise in living expenses. And this will continue if each member of our society does not take an active part in changing the culture, paradigms and perceptions of life, that have been established within our society during the past 30 years.

So what happened?  Mismanagement and greed became the main driver of our society. Over the past 30-40 years, wages did not increase with the same percentage rise as house prices, jobs were moved overseas where labour was cheaper so co-operations could increase their profits, and local industries disappeared due to the importation of products from overseas.  All as result of greed for a minority rather than welfare for our Australian society as a whole.

Australian society needs to change. There needs to be a shift in life’s priorities; otherwise future generations will not be employed and will not achieve psychological well-being that is a necessity for our society to feel a life that is more than just surviving.

Entertainment will not provide a secure future, materialism will not provide future well-being and competitiveness only drives people apart. Change is necessary and it is up to everyone – for Australia’s future.

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"Australia's Growth of Unaffordable Housing"

2013 - Approximately 12 million wage earners earn a median annual wage of approx. $60,000 - 50% earn less and 50% earn more than $60,000 but less than $100,000. Only 5% earn over $100,000pa.

During the 1950’s-1960’s houses cost 3 times the average annual wage.

Today, this equates to a house should cost under $200,000. Their repayments were just 25-30% of their weekly wage. Today, for a person to purchase a $450,000 house and land package, they would have to earn $121,000 per annum to achieve a repayment weekly value of 30%.

For a wage earner on $60,000pa to purchase a house and land package for $450,000 their repayments would be $670.00 per week or nearly 60% of their weekly salary (6% interest rate) They would also have to have saved over $50,000 before purchase.

During the 1950’s-1960’s, there was virtually full time employment.

Today, just 70% are full-time, while the part-time workforce has increased from 15% to 30%, and work an average of only 16 hours per week.  In 1978 only 5% of men worked part-time - today 17% of men work part-time and increasing.

These details do not provide a positive picture for Australia’s society in the future - It is unacceptable and has to change.
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