I have been asked: "Why use words that people don't understand and have to have a dictionary beside them?" And one of my answers has been: "If we don't learn we don't progress and if we can't stop.and. think. where is life?" Society is perceptually superficial. If we don't understand what is within us, how can we know anything about ourselves? We thus remain part of everyone else. Just one word means a group of words; that give more understanding to the word. By stopping.thinking. opens our inner self to revelations about ourselves we did not know.
My article "Finding utopian solitude in an insecure world" draws out more in depth thoughts, including a page on words and phrases. Click here. 

"Draw some analogies within the nude beach paradox.  

Analogy: a comparison between one thing and another.

Paradox: a seemingly absurd or contradictory life (nudity with nature) which when investigated may prove to be well founded and true (to our natural instincts of belonging to nature)

Realm: a field or area of activity or interest. I use this word in my transcendental writing as it represents more of a mystical or inner feeling in life (intrinsic). When we feel our nudity, in a natural setting, we feel something more profound about ourselves (a part of something else) It is more purity of self (before tainted by mechanistic society) This realm is enhanced if you feel aroused in these surroundings (an energy field transmitted from self towards nature and both become one)


"Symbolistic visual interpretations. Each participant is the collective protagonist within the affinity of group nudity."

Symbolistic is used here to represent 'open nature nudity'; symbolising is something that can be otherwise inexpressible visions of our reality. Our reality in society is not clothes free so when we see others unclothed we make visual interpretations of them (relate to) that relate to how we feel at that moment. (within ourselves)  It is liberating to see others naked with us. A symbolic realm one could say.

Protagonist: the leading character. You and each one of you is the leading character at a natural nudist beach, and collectively feel naked together; and thus collectively work together (psyche)within the realm of this reality. Leading yourselves to feel comfort, and sensual zones; yet try to be respective of others in this same realm.

Affinity: a natural liking for and understanding of group nudity.

          "To suit each one’s personal psyche and needs for the day." Psyche: The human soul, mind and spirit.        
          "They intrinsically enjoy your bold and confident disposition." Being extremely important within the basic characteristic (psyche) of a person. A feeling of belonging by its very nature.
is used in my writing in a spiritual way. We have deep feelings of belonging to something within us (if we are quiet enough to listen and not influenced by our materialisic society) and thus feel this belonging intrinsically within ourselves and others at a nude beach. We understand their feeling of nakedness and intrinsically connect to that.
          "Provides interpersonal affinity with nature." Nudity in nature brings out our natural liking for and understanding of our intrinsic feeling and connection with nature. Collectively, all feel this together (interpersonal) and connect with the natural aspects of ourselves and the natural surroundings while naked.        
          "Natural nudity is empirically homogeneous touching an affinity with our intrinsic self."

Empirically homogeneous: Verifiable by observation or experience and of the same kind or like.
Each observe, then experience the nudity in our midst, and establish all are similar, and alike, within this realm. All have a connection (affinity) together and all feel this within ourselves (intrinsic). Natural nudity is natures way...we touch more than we realise; and if we touch ourselves to feel aroused, we touch this more profound reality. We touch the purity of self in the sensual and sexual realm of our basic being.
          "Enhancing their own natural energy with nature; the impetus for nonchalant nirvana."

Impetus for nonchalant nirvana: Feeling or appearing casually calm and relaxed
 leading to an ideal or idyllic state or place
 within oneself. Your own naked natural energy with nature, providing the energy with which a body (or spirit) moves (impetus) towards; providing yourself with a sense of serene calm and connection with nature and entering (self) nirvana.
          "Deciding to enter the somewhat esoteric natural nude environment brings with it a transcendental view of the world"

likely to be understood by only a small number of people with a specialized knowledge or interest.

relating to a spiritual realm within this view
          "Bringing us closer together towards our personal divinity."

is the state or quality of being divine where divine is the connection with your Supreme Self. Supreme Self is a state of transcendental awareness of your inner self; (enlightenment of intrinsic self) the spiritual guiding power; your consciousness; the self state of purity (before tainted by our society). I used the words "bringing us closer together towards our person(al)" because while naked in nature we are part of nature around us and within us, and if we are in touch within, we can (if we listen quietly) feel the connection with our divinity. Because our society lives and breathes mechanistic materialism and each are influenced by the outside world (and not the inner) the majority of society participants do not touch their divinity. It takes an aptitude of stepping outside societies influences and question this life to commence feeling our personal divinity.
          "Be respectfully objective towards orthodox public nudity; using a pragmatic approach brings qualia to our inner self and leads to personal synchronicity with our naked self, and nature."

following or conforming to the traditional or generally accepted rules or beliefs.

is dealing with things sensibly and realistically.

is individual instances of subjective, conscious experience

is the coming together of inner and outer events in a way that cannot be explained by cause and effect and that is meaningful to the observer.

What I mean is: for the inexperienced layperson, who does not understand natural nudity in these surroundings, he or she must understand the importance of cultural traditional nude conformity, be sensible and realistic with their thoughts while viewing this; and that each (nude and lay) have subjectivity and different experiences. If they (and the nudism community in many instances) come together with understanding, and thought, then these inner (intrinsic) and external events can lead to an explanation that is meaningful to each....with individual feeling.

Sometimes we can't explain how we feel about this life. It can't be explained by cause and effect but rather something more personally individual and meaningful. It is though, intrinsically natural.
          Natural nudity is an individual realm, where we are protagonists of self to find our personal affinity with nature; where our psyche is intrinsically in touch empirically leading to nonchalant nirvana in a transcendental state. We cannot dismiss the importance of feeling aroused within nature, as it is a natural energy field, and part of the natural surroundings. Both are intrinsically connected.        
          "Life is about Opening Doorways of Possibilites....If we are Brave Enough to Step Outside the Square"        
                Copyright Mitch Ezyrider Australia