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The menu board ideas on this page show a variety of ideas and particular food type titles. You may like to purchase the menu board as displayed or change it to a different size. It is easy to do this as there is no standard size for my menu boards.

It is also possible to link a variety of menu boards together, change titles to suit your business and request a size to fit a location within your business.



The below menu base boards are 12mm thick with a timber grain surface which is coated with clear gloss.  Edges are bevelled and painted.  The black area is "chalk-board".  Pictures are representative of the title, and, the title and pictures are protected for cleaning.

        The following shows a layout of a number of menu boards placed together. For a size 3 metres long x 1 - 1.2 metre high this menu board the price is approx. $800.00.         
              The following graphics show a number of other designs.
Size 1m or 1.2m x 600mm: Price $225.00
          The picture feature on the 'Breakfast' menu board is of the cowboy lassoing the rooster in the background, adding sausages, egg and other ingredients on the sides.  The 'layered' hamburger picture gives the feeling of taste, eatability and variety while the lettering 'Hamburgers' shows a beef-head with a kookaburra. The 'Beverages' menu shows a variety of drinks, tea and coffee.        


          The 'Main's' menu on the left if featured with a rosella taking the 'A' off the mains wording, while the picture features a koala handing a chip to the kangaroo. The 'Meat' menu wording area shows a kookaburra with a hat, a beef head with a koala hanging off it and also a possum in the middle of the "A". Notice how the cowboy is lassooing cattle in the background. I particularly like the 'Salad' wording as it is fresh and gives the feeling of a tossed salad. The picture shows a variety of salad types and the freshness of a clear day picture adds to the clarity.          
        The 'Chicken' menu wording has a chicken colour feel with the addition of a rooster and timber grain background, with the picture featuring a large cooked chicken and a scene background.  The 'Snacks' wording is designed to show 'freedom' of snack variety, with a rosella and kookaburra adding to its interest. The picture shows many varieties of snacks and incorporates many food types. The 'vegies & salad' wording projects a feeling of 'greeness' with the added deco. of red.  The picture has been kept simple in this case with the added interest of a dolphin holding a glass of wine.  You can have the alcohol removed and other salad/vegies added.          
         The 'Pasta' wording was designed to look similar to a pasta spread while the picture displays a plate of pasta with a salad.  Simple but effective in a healthy fashion. I feel the 'Pizza' wording is "pizza"!  The colours and style reflect the look with the added bonus of a rosella and koala.  The picture shows a picture of a pizza with other ingredients.I like the interest in the 'Kids Meals' picture: a scateboarder being projected along by a flying saucer! Food added to its right.          
        I feel an entree must feel 'entreeish' - in a fresh seafood colour and style.  Although entrees are varied, the freshness of an open sea style starts the tastebuds working and ventues into more avenues when they sit down to view the menu.  The 'headers' and pictures tell the story and highlight the openness of 'freshness'. An Oyster menu can only look 'oysterish' and this is what I have tried to capture. The lettering itself is an oyster colour with the 'blue' sky/sea looking backing it up. The picture shows other seafood varieties but highlights the oysters, with a sea and sky picture with a white rope border.        
           The 'Seafood' lettering shows a man seated preparing his hooks, a white cockatoo on a fish, and, I liked creating the pelican with the prawn in its mouth! The other 2 Seafood menus tell an appropriate and detailed feel for a tasty meal of fish and the added other food served with it. These two menu boards just 'fishy' in their image of fish!          
        Desserts need to look sweet and tasty, with touches of pink and white with the added bonus of greens.  Notice how, in the left hand header, the koala and galah are 'moving' the letters. The picture on the right I have added a purple scene with a cup of cappucino.  Coffee with desserts goes down well. The header for 'Special meals of the day' with the scroll was designed to get the feeling of:  Rolling out the daily specials. While the picture has concentrated on many ingrediants that make up those meals.          
            The header for this menu board can be changed to your wording. In this particular case the lettering colour was designed to 'feel' breadish, while the pictures show a very filling sandwich.            
                  Copyright Mitch Ezyrider