The 2014 Manilla NSW Show highlighted various rides in side show alley this year. Some are featured in the below photo gallery.  Displays of other attractions are also featured below.
To sum up this 80th anniversary show would be - it was packed with a variety of features and attended & enjoyed by a large proportion of Manilla and surrounds.
The Manilla Show is still a highlight on the yearly calendar.  
            Main entrance to the Manilla Show.            
        Manilla Vintage Machinery Group
            Some of the Pavilion displays.            
                The Manilla Lions Club Food was popular.              
                If you didn't attend the Manilla 2014 Show you missed out on a yearly event that entertained. It also acknowledged the community spirit that is still present in the country centres.                
                More pictures of the Manilla 2014 Show - Click on the link below.                
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