The below are some photos I have of Manilla Primary School 1957 - 1961.
Do you recognize some of the students?
Or maybe you have the same photo with all the names?
If so, please contact me as I would like to enter the names for each photograph.
                Manilla Primary School Kindergarten 1957
Les Doyle thinks he could be the one standing
next to the teacher or the 6th across with braces?
                Manilla Primary School 2A 1957                
                Manilla Primary School 1A 1958                
                  Manilla Primary School 3A 1958                
                  Manilla Primary School 2A 1959                
                  Manilla Primary School 4A 1959                
                Manilla Primary School 4A 1961                
                  Manilla Primary School 6A 1961                

Back Row: David Sipple, Kevin McDowell, Rod Taylor, Ian Bull, Glen Harley, Geoffrey Martin, Bruce Sutter, Marine deSmid, Ron Lister.

2nd Row: Garry Kelly, Robert deSmid, Christine Stewart, Diane Todd, Elaine Abberfield, Jim Bignall, Lynette Grantham, Martin Fletcher, Noel Sing, Teach Mr Logan.

3rd Row: Marlene Mead, Rhonda Hall, Colleen Molloy, Diane Hardcastle, Roslyn Faulks, Gail Rogers, Annette Sneesby, Elain Burton, Ann Maunder.

Front Row: Me, Sue Albertson, Wendy Bryan, Patty Cooper, Carol Hanley, Lynette Kingdom, Noeline Bell, Lynette Perry, Colin Donlan.

              Manilla Central School 1960's - Photo Kerrie Wawn              
        Left - Manilla Central School 1960's. Photo Kerrie Wawn.  Right - School yard fun 1950's (Not Manilla)        
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