The Manilla Golf Club is located on Halls Creek Road. It is a 9 hole golf course with sand greens - maintaining a heritage feel from the past.
The club was very active in the 1950s-60s with many playing golf at the weekend competitions and open days. Junior golf was very active in those days also.

My father and mother were players and supportors of the Manilla Golf Club during the late 1950s and early 1960s.  I still remember my father driving the tractor, with the mower behind, and mowing the course at night time with a large spot light out front, the day or so before an Open Day event.
                Entrance to Manilla Golf Club and the club house. A verandah out front with tables and chairs. As a young bloke I remember sitting here having a lemon squash and was sneaked a shandy on adult competition days :)
Below are pictures of the new front area with a ramp - established 2016
            Views of the course close to the club house.
(For the uninitiated, before putting, the player picks up the 'scraper' and scrapes a smooth track from where the ball lands to the hole area)
              Course etiquette and green fees sign near the 1st tee. Don't forget your bucket of sand from the sand distribution centre.            
              The new front entrance faces the 1st tee with a BBQ on the right.          
                Hit off from the 1st tee or watch the players from the covered seating at the club house.              
              The 9th hole is a long par 5 where you have to hit over a dam. The dam was quite full in the early 1960s and is where many young golfers waded bare feet in the mud to find lost golf balls and sell them to the members later.             
                There is a Memorial Garden adjacent to the club house that remembers past players and members that helped Manilla Golf Club prosper.
The plaque is pictured below.
              Plaque reads:
"Manilla Golf Club Memorial Garden - In memory of past players and members - 30 April 2006
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