Welcome to the Batemans Bay District South Coast & Visitors
Nature's Nudist Group
(This group is not promoting 'swinging')
            This group was established after much thought over many years of experience at various nude beaches and also other nude venues. Also, after talking with many people about how they feel about nudity, sexuality and the various forms of interraction within these circumstances.
The Facebook group is exclusive and progressive, and limited to people who live in the Batemans Bay Coastal area and have been, or will be Visitors to our Batemans Bay region.
 Join us on the Meet-Up day and become a member.
...Everyone is Welcome to attend the Meet-Up Day....
Privacy and Respect are key components.
      There are varying forms of perceptions, and needs, in these environments, and each environment establishes the decorum for each venue. Human interractions can be complex, especially in a nude environment, because of varying restrictive society expectations versus the need to feel personal belonging to nature and with someone close. We cannot ignore the reality that every person wants to feel some type of natural belonging.            
      For these reasons this group evokes the realm of intrinsic natural affection, enabling the expression of touch and connectivity for couples and friends, to feel free of the restrictiveness of society and express this desire, if they wish, within this group environment and in turn, with the natural surroundings. Our society is losing connectivity with others and this group is advocating for natural belonging, with a sense of personal peace, with natural Self.
Meaning: "Intrinsic Desire for Connectivity."
            Transparent Expressive is another term for Clothing Optional but in a more individual transparent expressive way. It is in the middle of the spectrum of clothed and nudity. This gives you the autonomy to be yourself as a 'nudist-expressive' in our group - as an individual. Be creative, progressive and Expressive!              

          They are people who are in touch with themselves in a more natural way. Nudity or expressive nudity is a natural realm of expressing your natural energy in a sensual way as part of nature. Sensual could be implicit or it could generate outwardly towards nature and the energy of people close to you. They feel a connection with themselves and nature and when connectivity is heightened the belonging with self, partner and nature is enhanced.          





            ...Everyone is Welcome to attend our Meet-Up day....
Meet others, introduce yourself, experience, communicate, and join our Facebook Group.
It is all about Natural-Connectivity-Communicative with others within this Realm of Natural Life; to experience how others feel and think in a group setting.
...LGBT Friendly...
            Facebook Link: Batemans Bay District & Visitors Natural Nudist Group              
            The following is the wording introduction on the Facebook Group Page.

The Facebook group is exclusive and limited to people who live in the Batemans Bay NSW South Coastal area and have been, or intend to be Visitors to our Batemans Bay Region, and who would like to socialize/communicate nude in a group, or dress in attire that is intimate transparent expressive, enabling you to express your autonomy of individuality. Privacy & Respect are key components.

You could also be interested in connecting with nature on an intrinsic level with natural desire. This is not a 'swingers' environment. It is a connective environment with yourself, partner or friend, within a natural environment within a group. It is about group inclusiveness & support with nature. We support these innate desires of connectivity with your partner or friend, to touch nature together, in its most natural way - with nature - and be part of this wondrous feeling of connectivity, if you wish.

We grow with empirical knowledge and communication and this group gives you that opportunity to express yourself in the way you wish. In turn, learn more about life and yourself, with others, and meet others of similar interests.

You join because you have an interest in one day attending our group meet-ups and meet others.

Respecting our members privacy shows you have integrity.

            When attending our outdoor venues please bring with you: suncream, large brim hat, sun glasses, thongs, towel or ground cover, water, and a shade umbrella or tent. The sun can get very hot. Be prepared and enjoy natures surroundings.            
          "The Pure Level of Self is when You Touch an Energy Field Separate from Societies Influences."        
                .The Pure Level of Self,
Is when You Touch an Energy Field,
Separate to Societies Influences.
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