There are quite a number of services at Lyons Park. It is close to central Batemans Bay with shops and food outlets which is just a short walk under the bridge. The boat ramp has a number of trailer parking areas, with a small beachy area, plenty of grassed areas with undercovered seating and 2 BBQ's.

 For accommodation, motels are just adjacent which makes this park and boat ramp ideally suited to everyone.
The services at and near Lyons Park Boat Ramp are listed below followed by a picture gallery.
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        If your heading from the south, take the left hand turn before the bridge.       If your heading from the north take the right turn directly over the bridge.          
        You will then see Lyons Park on your right with the trailer parking and boat ramp to the right of the park.       The view of the trailer parking both sides while the ramp is towards the background.
The park is to your left.
        The ramp looking north.       The ramp looking towards the bridge.          
        Looking up the ramp from the water towards the south and Motels.     There is a fish cleaning table beside the ramp.          
          On the right of the boat ramp is a beach area for boarding.       This is looking back to the boat ramp with the beach area.          
          There is covered seating and 2 BBQ's at Lyons Park. I would suggest bringing a BBQ mat with you. 
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      The view to the water from the BBQ area.          
          With a play-park at Lyons Park.       In the background is the walkway under the bridge to shops and food outlets.          
          The start of the walkway under the bridge.       Continuing under the bridge.          
          Looking from under the bridge to Bay Centre Park, shops and food outlets.       And moving along further until your there.          
          A view of the shops, shopping centre entrance and food outlets.

Enjoy your fishing and your days at Batemans Bay!
                There are 3 motels across the road from Lyons Park                  
            Take advantage of the walk and bike track that extends from Bay Centre to Batehaven.  It is very popular for mind-body well-being.  I have included the link for bike hire here:
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